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Starting Solid Foods and What You Need to Know About Sippy Cups

If you’re thinking about trying solids with your baby be on the lookout for these signs!

Ever wonder WHY 4 months is that magic age for starting cereal with your baby?

At about 4-6 months of age feeding is instinctive so it’s the perfect time to begin introducing baby food, purées, and/or meltables. It’s an easier time for your baby to learn this skill.

As you transition your baby to a high chair for snacks or mealtime you can also begin introducing a cup. Sippy cups are traditionally a popular choice.

However sippy cups are really just convenient for parents and offer little to children in the area of oral motor development.

Offer your child a small amount of water or formula/breast milk in an open cup at about 6 months. Open cups with 2 handles initially are perfect. Introduce a straw cup between 8-11 months. This allows proper lip closure and oral motor development your child will use as they learn to chew and move food around in their mouth.

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