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Krista Farris,
School Psychologist

"I have worked professionally with Lisa for 17 years. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. She truly cares for children and helps them to feel comfortable during assessment and therapy. Lisa also works well with parents. She thoroughly answers questions and discusses any concerns they may have. Lisa is very professional and is a fantastic occupational therapist." 

Angela Sanborn,
Special Education Teacher

I have worked with Lisa Shallenburger for five years as part of the special education team for Joplin School District. During this time Mrs. Shallenburger has proven herself to be a reliable, competent professional who strives to meet the individual needs of students. She is a problem solver who uses her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide Occupational Therapy services to students with varying needs. 

Karen Donelson

Both of my boys were fortunate enough to have Lisa as their OT when they were in First Steps.  She worked with my oldest son first, then when my younger son needed OT services, we specifically requested Lisa for him.  With both of my boys, Lisa not only helped improve their fine motor skills, coordination, strength, and even feeding needs, she was also kind, playful with them, patient, and caring.  She knew how to meet each of them were they were at. She made each session fun and engaging so that it seemed more like playtime for my boys rather than a therapy session. They made great improvements due to Lisa’s skills and expertise. She is someone that I trust and would want to work with my boys should they ever need OT services again. 

Connie Wilkinson
School Psychologist

Lisa is a true professional.  Her extensive knowledge and experience in the area of occupational therapy is exceptional, and she applies her multiple skill sets well in both a clinical and consultative setting.  Lisa has the unique ability to relate to all types of clients as well her professional peers.  Specifically, she clearly communicates strengths, needs and the most appropriate treatment plan to families of pediatric patients.  Lisa has a strong background in assessment, and the evaluation of fine motor and sensory functioning.  I highly recommend Lisa’s services as an occupational therapist.

- Pricing Information -

Evaluation - $200

Therapy Session - $100

Consultation - $50/30 minutes

We accept cash and credit card payments,

including flexible spending accounts.

We also offer a SuperBill* which is an opportunity for families to be reimbursed by your insurance company. 

*Subject to insurance company.

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